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Dabbling in Collage


I have been wanting to do a collage unit with my students for years. I have avoided it because of what I have seen when they create collages on their own. Basically they victimize a bunch of magazines and then attack another piece of paper with randomly placed images and glue. The result is [...]

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Earlier this month I was biking home from work along Carling Ave, and noticed a bedraggled looking stuffed toy of some kind at the side of the road. By the time I processed what it was, I was already almost a block away. The next day, it was still there, and looking pretty rough. [...]


A Portrait Says…


Early on in my current relationship, I wanted to give my partner a token of my affection. It started with my attempt to reflect his playful side. He had the endearing habit of mooning me every time he left the room, dropping his baggy cycling shorts and and turning back to enjoy my reaction [...]

A Portrait Says…2017-04-26T00:33:50+00:00

How Art Crept Up on Me


My game plan as an early adult was to be an actor. It didn’t pay well. The art crept up on me slowly, and now is a huge part of my life. I owe some of this to a sublet apartment I had in my early 20’s, which was entirely pastel pink--possibly the only colour [...]

How Art Crept Up on Me2017-04-26T00:34:05+00:00

Fire Hazard!


I was staring at my overflowing recycling bin one day, thinking that I really should be able to come up with a more creative solution to the problem than jumping up and down in the bin in a vain effort to make the paper more compact. Then I remembered, years ago when I was a [...]

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From Popcorn to Campy and Fabulous


My fabulous campy ladies were originally inspired by a project I did with the kids involving popcorn. Everyone got a couple of pieces of popcorn and we did a whole lesson on observation (light and shadow, perspective, drawing what you see not what you know), and they were to do their best to draw an [...]

From Popcorn to Campy and Fabulous2016-02-20T20:45:47+00:00